Bobber Black 4" (102 mm) seat spring

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Material Metal
All specifications
14 days returns
Worldwide shipping

Ideal for all Harley and Custombikes

Black powder-coated for solo seats


Height 102 mm
Diameter 50 mm

The sturdy seat springs increase seat comfort and give the bike the ultimate Old School - Bobber look.


If you would like to purchase a motorcycle seat (Bobber Seat) or if you would like to buy your new seat, have a purse, belt, bag or other accessories with your own punched or tattooed motif, please send us an e-mail ( or call us (+4915145245333).

MFG Alex Leather Craft


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(Each product may have small deviations from the original. These are unique pieces made by hand.)

Art. no.: LC-100037
Material Metal
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