The easiest way is to place an order via Website. For custom orders (carving, leather tattoos, custom forms etc…) write us an email.

Sure. When you place your order just add the needed distances/length into order commentary. This way we will be able to easily find the needed specs when producing your order and make everything perfect.

All our items are handcrafted and are not in stock. Therefore the production time depends strongly on how much work we have right now. We are a small company and we take our quality very serious so the production time increases when we have a lot of work. For regular orders the production takes usually 1-2 weeks, during the customization season (Autumn-Spring) it can increase to up to 4 weeks time. Custom orders usually take about 4 weeks.

Please consider this for the planning of your customization. Especially during the February and March it is not easy to deliver all orders fast. We refuse to surrender our exquisite quality for production time.

We are a small company and sometimes all hands are involved in production so we physically dont have the time to answer all questions. In this case try again or simply call us.

As soon as we ship your order you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking ID. Sometimes the shipping companies have their own delays. In this case please contact us and we will investigate.

Sometimes the confirmation emails end up in the spam folders. If you cant find – please contact us.

Yes please! You are welcome! Just call us a day or just a couple of hours before to ensure we are not  gone, collecting materials or food.

Our saddles are mostly universal. Sadly we dont know all motorcycle models and dont have them to test. Most of the bikes will need an adapter – a mounting plate where the saddle is mounted to. Please inform yourself beforehand what you will need for bobberization of your bike or ask your trusted mechanic.

Unfortunately it is not possible to recommend for sure, without knowing you personally. If in doubt – see if you can visit our studio to try everything beforehand.

The saddlebags are mounted with plastic reusable cable straps. They are more stable and durable than common leather straps which can slack and tear quickly.

Usually we dont have additional photos of items as we dont have them in stock. Follow our Instagram and Facebook pages for more photos that our users send us.

Unfortunately already mounted or custom items are excluded from refund or change.