You may have to allow your banc institute to make payments to Germany first.

If there are any other problems with the payment, please contact us by chat, mail or WhatsApp.

The easiest way is to place an order via our hompage. For special custom orders (carving, leather tattoos, custom forms etc…) please send an email.

Our photos in the store are samples of how the seat or the bag might look in terms of color.

We are using natural leather that we dye ourselves and we are also mixing the colors ourselves.

Therefore, depending on the day of production, different shades / color shades and also color gradients arise which is also wanted as this ensures the uniqueness of each single item part that will leave our workshop.

On the other hand, we will make sure that sets ordered at the same time wll have the same color (if desired) or that we will match the color as close as possible to the already existing color in subsequent orders.

When placing your order you can specify the required changes in the comment field. Then we can assign it easily and you will get the saddle perfectly adapted.

Since all our goods are handmade and not in stock the processing time is depending on the quantity of orders.

We are a small company and attach great importance to the quality of our products. Therefore it is  possible that the processing time may increase if a large number of orders are placed. For regular orders the processing time is between 2-3 weeks. During the rebuilding season (autumn - spring) and for special orders the processing time can be extended to 4 weeks and more.

Please keep in mind when planning your rebuilding work. Especially in February and March it is difficult to supply everyone quickly.

We refuse to give up our exquisite quality in favour of the processing time.

We are a small company. Sometimes we are just so busy with the production that there is no time left for answering the many inquiries just in time.  And sometimes so many requests are coming in through the different channels,too that some messages are simply overlooked. Please don't be angry, just try it again.

As soon as we send out the finished goods you will receive an email with the tracking number to track the shipment. Sometimes there are delays in delivery due to the responsible shipping companies. In this case please let us know and we will check the process.

It could have happened that our confirmation mail is in your spam folder. If not,  please contact us by email and we'll try to find out what has happened.

Yes, with pleasure, you're always welcome! Please have a look at our opening hours and and just call us shortly before  in case we are out of the office for a short time e.g. to get some needed stuff.

Our seats themselves are universal seats. Unfortunately we can't know all motorcycle models or we hardly have any motorcycles to adapt.

Most motorcycles require an adapter, a mounting plate, on which the saddles have to be mounted.

Please inform yourself before ordering what is needed for the rebuild or contact a motorcycle workshop of your trust.

Everyone feels in a different way. That's why we usually can't recommend which size of the seat or which padding you are needing.

If in doubt  you can visit our studio to  try out different sizes and upholsteries that are currently available.

Our saddlebags are attached with special, removable cable ties. This has proved to be very successful. They are almost unvisible and they will last for a much longer time than the conventional leather straps  which wear out comparatively quickly.

We rarely can provide more photos of our products because our goods are produced just for an  order and we don´t have them in stock.

Please check out our Facebook and Instagram pages where we regularly publish pictures we receive from our customers of our products on various motorcycles.

Unfortunately already mounted products or custom items are excluded from any refund or change.