Important info in our own interest!

Dear customers, we know you're impatiently awaiting your ordered items. And of course we'd be sad if it wouldn’t be that way.

But we kindly ask you to refrain from asking about the status or delivery time.

As you all know we usually need around 2-3 weeks for the manufacturing.

On top of the rather unpleasant general situation with COVID we are starting to get problems with the lack of raw materials as well as completely overwhelmed delivery services.

Thanks to COVID our girls are working from home since february last year so that in the worst case not everything has to stop and you still have someone to turn to with questions and ideas.

So they haven't been in the workshop for a long time and can't see the workflows any more. That's why they can't tell you exact production steps/shipping times and so sometimes some misunderstandings can arise.

Therefore we urge you to please avoid questions about your delivery times.

We ship out every order in the well-known ALEX LEATHER CRAFT Quality as soon as we are able to do so - we promise!

Many, many thanks

Your Alex Leather Craft Team