Production of unique, hand-crafted leather goods from Germany!

Production of unique, hand-crafted leather goods from Germany!

Production of unique, hand-crafted leather goods from Germany!

Production of unique, hand-crafted leather goods from Germany!

Production of unique, hand-crafted leather goods from Germany!

Production of unique, hand-crafted leather goods from Germany!

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Alex Leather Craft

Welcome to Alex Leather Craft

Leather Motorcycle Seats von

Alex leather Craft is a custom leather studio, specializing in production of unique, high quality custom equipment and accesoires. Here you can purchase bobber seats, saddlebags and other goods with your own tattooed oder carved design, created exclusively for you and your motorcycle, or browse through our sortment for high quality seats and accesoires designed by us. We have the skill and experience to transfer your ideas, spirit and character to leather equipment, lending your motorcycle part of your own personality, creating a bond between man and machine so much appreciated by every biker. All of our goods are 100% handmade, starting with the core steel plate and design and up to the stitching and tanning.

Are you looking for leather motorcycle seats for your Harley or any other motorcycle company? Then Alex Leather Craft is the company of choice. We offer premium quality leather equipment and can adjust it according to your wishes and requirements. Custom bobber seats with unique designs, softail bobber seats, Harley leather motorcycle seat replicas or leather motorcycle  saddlebags and leather vests – here you will find anything.

We are a custom leather studio in Germany and we specialize in high quality biker equipment. You can order a seat or saddlebag with your own design carved or tattooed into the leather. Such products will be created exclusively for you and will not be produced again, remaining a fully unique part of your bike. No matter if you are looking for a custom leather bobber seat, saddlebag, leather vest or any other leather equipment, we can help you.

Alex Leather Craft - Custom leather seats with style

We offer you seats and accessories for you and your bike. You can find leather bobber motorcycle seats, like Harley leather motorcycle seats or alike, as well as leather saddlebags and tool rolls and other equipment. We also offer leather vests, belts, shoes and many more.

With our experience and skill we produce only high quality products and can skillfully implement your ideas and designs adjusting our products to match your character and style. Customization is possible for any of our items, including bobber seats, vests, saddlebags and other products. All of the items are handmade and are not pre-produced therefore we can consult you and adjust you so will get a bobber seat, leather vest or any other leather equipment perfectly matching your requirements.


Leather motorcycle seats – customized to match your personality.

We offer leather motorcycle seats, that can be adjusted to match you and your machine. We can sketch designs based on your vision of the product and adjusting it according to your feedback. Our services are fully transparent and the prices are fair.

This way you will receieve a custom leather seat an engraved or tattooed design you like. Combining your ideas and our skills, absolutely unique leather motorcycle seats can be created never to be reproduced again. Further we offer leather motorcycle saddlebags for the most bikes that will give you enough space to take all the additional equipment you need for your ride. Our assortment of custom leather seats includes replicas of oldtimer motorcycle seats. Like all other seats from Alex Leather Craft these are crafted with precision and exceptional attention to detail, combining modern metal processing technology and padding with oldschool design and good old natural leather. All the saddles from Alex Leather Craft, the Custom Bobber Seat as well as the Oldschool Leather Seats are handmade and extremely robust. Same goes for the leather motorcycle saddlebags and Leather Biker Vests.

Softail sleather seats – for your Softail Harley

If you look for handmade, high quality Harley Softail Leather bobber seats that fit your style, then you´ve come to the right place. We offer softail bobber leather seats, that we can customize specially for you. Tell us how you want it to be and we will produce a Harley leather motorcycle seat fitting your motorcycle technically and matching its style.

Our Softail leather seats can be obtained to exceptionally fair prices. If you have any questions regarding the leather motorcycle seats for Harley or any other Bikes we will gladly consult you any time. On our website you can find Videos that show the process of the creation of custom leather seats in our studio.

The Leather Motorcycle Saddlebags are handcrafted on order, therefore your ideas and wishes can be implemented in the seats. All products are unique and differ slightly from each other and from the examples depicted on the website.

Harley Leather Motorcycle Seat, Softail Leather Seats and more

We craft Softail Leather Seats for you and based on your needs. Special Leather Motorcycle Seats with tattooed or carved designs can be made. In our online shop you can see examplary designs of earlier works and get an overview and an idea of our skills and product quality. You will also find examples of Leather Motorcycle Saddlebags, Toolbags, Leather Vests and further equipment for bikers, made by bikers.