Pillion Seats Pads Harley Bobber Seat Vintage Black Electro

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Motorcycle model: Universal
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Art. no.: LC-100166

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The pillon seats made by our company have a minimalistic and elegant design that will fit almost any motorcycles.


We can adjust color and padding thickness on demand too. All pillon seats are handcrafted with durable top-quality leather.

Alex Leather Craft has a minimalistic but elegant design that will fit almost any motorcycle.

We can also change the color and the cushion thickness as desired. All our Solo seats are handmade and consist of robust, high quality leather.



Mounting: Screws/Suction cup

Upholstery: 7,5mm / 16mm / 22mm

5-year guarantee


If you would like to purchase a motorcycle seat (Bobber Seat) or you would like to have your old seat reconditioned, a wallet, belt, bag or other accessories with a separate, tattooed motif or leather carving send us a message.


If you would like to have your seats refurbished or have a new motive, we will gladly assist you.


If you want to order a unique bobber seat for your motorcycle, a bag, wallet or any other leather goods with or without personal, carved or tattooed design just write me here

MFG Alex Leather Craft

Our latest custom work and news can be found on our Facebook page.



(Each product may have small deviations from the original.
These are unique pieces made by hand.)

Art. no.: LC-100166
Motorcycle model Universal
Material Full-grain leather
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